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Bowl with Us! 
Enjoy these NW500 Club annual events:

  • Singles and Doubles Tournament 

  • Virtual Singles Tournament

  • Virtual Blind Doubles Tournament

  • USBC Women's Championships NW 500 Club competition

  • Membership meeting

Lifetime membership is just $15 

The club is open to female bowlers 18 and over who have bowled a sanctioned scratch 500 series. 

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Latest News - April 27, 2023

The 2023 Blind Doubles Mail-O-Graphic tournament results are now finalized and checks have been mailed.

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Upcoming Tournaments

2023 USBC Women's Championships

April - June 2023

July 22-23, 2023

The NW500 Club 17th Annual Doubles/Singles tournament at The Orleans Resort in Las Vegas.  Registration closes Friday July 1st.

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Past Tournaments


Results of the Blind Doubles mail-in tournament. Congratulations to first place winners  Carol Hartz (AZ) and Nancy Dougherty (NJ) with a doubles total score of 1460. 


Results of the 2022 Singles Virtual Tournament. Also known as the Mail-O-Graphic event. 


Results of the Annual Doubles and Singles tournament held at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Deann Stote (Singles), Linda Davis and Valerie Wiggins-Johnson (Doubles), and Linda Davis again (All Events).

April - July

Results for the NW500 Club Tournament held in Addison, IL. Congratulations to all of our winners. 

Team - A Division Kaitlyn Silva

Team - B Division Dawn Castelli

Team - C Division Crystal Smith

Team - D Division Vicki Gerlach

Doubles - A Division Jani Edgerton

Doubles - B Division Jacqueline Herdon

Doubles - C Division Crystal Smith

Doubles - D Division Leona Kellogg

Singles - A Division Kaitlyn Silva

Singles - B Division Snow Jones

Singles - C Division Brandy Keller

Singles - D Division Maria Vega-Lugo

All Events - A Division Ashley Denard

All Events - B Division Kasi Stermer

All Events - C Division Crystal Smith

All Events - D Division Leona Kellogg


Results of the mail-in tournament. Congratulations to Joyce Johnson from CA and Peggy Hilgen from TX. 

2021 Singles Mail-O-Graphic


Results of the mail in tournament. Congratulations to winners Darunee Kent, Deb LaRose, Deborah Kreifels, and Susan Seaman. 


 Results of the D/S tournament at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas. Congratulations to our winners Linda Davis (Singles) , Jennie Pinto and Edith Regan (Doubles), and Linda Davis (All Events). 

2021 USBC Women's Championships

April - July

Results of the NW500 Club competition at the 2021 USBC Nationals in Reno.

2020 Blind Doubles Mail-O-Graphic


Results of the Mail-in tournament in February 2020

Congratulations to first place winners Connie Gerardi and Kim Finnegan. 

2020 USBC Women's Championships



2020 16th Annual Club D/S



2020 Singles Mail-O-Graphic



2019 USBC Women's Championships


Results of the 500 Club competition at the 2019 USBC Nationals in Wichita.

2019 15th Annual Club D/S


Results of the annual Doubles and Singles Tournament

Congratulations to first place winners Rosa Goldwyn in Singles , Lisa Yee in All Events, and Tyler Morgan and Lisa Yee in Doubles. 

2019 Singles Mail-O-Graphic  


Results of the Mail-O-Graphic Singles Tournament

Results Page 1

Results Page 2

Congratulations to first place winners Erica Hunter, Melissa De Luna, Kay Echague, Roxie Rock, and Joanne Thompson.

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