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National Women's 500 Club

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Your membership enables you to compete in several annual events:

  • Singles and Doubles Tournament 

  • Singles Mail-o-Graphic

  • Blind Doubles Mail-o-Graphic

  • USBC Nationals 500 competition

  • 500 Club Annual meeting

The club is open to female bowlers over the age of 18 years who have bowled a sanctioned scratch 500 series. 


Upcoming Tournaments

2020 USBC National Tournament

Sept - Oct 2020

Compete against other 500 Club members using your USBC Women's Nationals scores.
Register on site at Southpoint Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas.

Canceled - 2020 Singles Mail-o-Gram

October 2020

The mail-in tournament has been canceled due to so many leagues being inactive.

Canceled - 2020 Annual Singles/Doubles Tournament

August 1-2, 2020

Our Board members have come to the conclusion that for the safety of our members due to the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 virus, we are canceling the Annual Doubles/Singles Tournament and Annual Meeting which was scheduled for July 31-August 2 at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas, NV. 


Past Tournaments

2020 Mail-O-Graphic Blind Doubles Tournament

Results of the Mail-in tournament in February 2020

Congratulations to first place winners Connie Gerardi and Kim Finnegan. 

2019 Mail-O-Graphic Singles Tournament

Results of the 2019 Mail-O-Graphic Singles Tournament from Oct 2019

Results Page 1

Results Page 2

Congratulations to first place winners Erica Hunter, Melissa De Luna, Kay Echague, Roxie Rock, and Joanne Thompson. 

2019 USBC National Tournament

Results of the 500 Club competition at the 2019 USBC Nationals in Wichita.

2019 Annual 500 Club Doubles and Singles 

Results of the annual Doubles and Singles Tournament in Las Vegas

Congratulations to first place winners

Rosa Goldwyn in Singles , Lisa Yee in All Events, and Tyler Morgan and Lisa Yee in Doubles.